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Information Technology Consulting
Web Application Design

Specializing in Business and Education Information Management


Online Surveys - Targeting the recipient audience (staff, customers, etc) via email distribution, for soliciting opinions and data collection. Using a login, you create, upload and distribute your own custom surveys. You can view results in progress (with charts and graphs where applicable), Download Results (Comma Separated Values files), and also easily move your results into presentations. Customers and Employees are more committed to your business or organization when their opinion is solicited.


Student Information Systems - We can aggregate student information across your various student information repositories to bring disparate student data together all on one page, enabling teachers secure/simple access to critical data about their students, including but not limited to Career Plans, Educational Proficiency Plans, Standardized Test Score tracking and analysis, etc. Expert in Massachusetts State Reporting Requirements and optimizing school scheduling. Expert in Follett (X2) Aspen SIS. Having students sitting in the right chairs in front of the right teachers, who have simple secure access to pertinent student information, improves Student Achievement.


Staff Information Systems - Do you have staff across several buildings that don't necessarily know each other visually? Perhaps only as a voice on the other end of the line? Connect them up visually and organizationally with "our Staff Lookup". It's an online phone book, with pictures, schedule, location, and any other pertinent information. Employees are more productive and cohesive when they can identify and call each other by name.


Online Ordering Systems - Let establish you an online ordering page - You supply the order form and requirements and we'll make a link readily available for your customers to use to enter orders online. Orders can be tracked in a database and routed (via email) to personnel within your business structure, with confirmation and order status emails sent back to the customer. Online ordering is a cost effective way of getting more revenue for your business.


Email (ListServ) Usergroups - can host your email user group. We can also moderate that group if you so choose, or you can moderate it yourself. Keep in touch with your peers and contemporaries.

Also as well...

Offsite Backup and Data Transfer Services - offers Hands Off Backup Strategies and Data Transfer Services - worry free fully automated backup and restore services that will keep your data and documents securely backed up, and can also keep multiple sites in synch with enterprise wide shared data and documents. Position yourself to never lose your mission critical data.

With 30 years of Information Technology experience specializing in Business and Education Information Systems, has a solution for your quandaries - has been converting software applications and user communities for over a quarter century.

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