Web Based Business Apps

database and commuinications applications that run within a web browser

We design web based applications to fill business needs; Customer Relationship Management, Product and Pricing, Order Routing and Fulfilment, Problem Routing and Tracking, Inventory Control, Data Interchange, etc. Rather than buy pre-packaged software and bend your business practices to it (and it's idiosyncrasies), can design a product that meets your business needs, exactly as you define them. Home grown business applications give you the competitive edge!

Most of our products and services fall into this category. Also known as "browser based", the Software Application itself runs on one (Server) computer, and is accessible by all the other (Client) computers in the network via a browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc). This is cost effective for your business because; Murphy Restaurant Systems (MRS), a Web Based, Customized, Point of Sale Application for Restaurants, is one example of an offering in this realm.

Murphy Restaurant Systems Demo From here there is a Visual Demo of one particular customization of MRS.

If there is some process you are doing manually and you think it would be out of reach to computerize it, Contact Us and let us show you that it's not!

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