Email Usergroups

also known as ListServ's can host your email user group. We can also moderate the group if you so choose, or you can moderate it yourself.
X2 Development Corporation (a division of Follett Software Company) - Designed and Developed the wildly popular "Aspen" Student Information System. I am one of the thousands of satisfied users of this product, and a veteran member of the X2 Advisory Council. I manage three Email User Groups with approximately 300 X2 Aspen User members around the world. The X2 Aspen Users Group, The X2 Aspen Special Education Module Users Group, and the X2 Aspen Health Module Users group. Using these Email ListServs, we answer questions, solve problems, exchange ideas and customizations with each other.

If you are here to specifically join one of the X2 Aspen user groups, or are interested in creating a new User Group, Contact Us and start some productive group collaboration!
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